Back in New York City on a last-minute, unexpected trip.

Tagging along with the husband, who is here for work.

Staying in a suite in a hotel in Times Square.

So. Many. People.

I’m here for free — I cannot complain.

Been meaning to visit all year.

Finally spending time with some of my favorite people.

I miss my friends.

Walking these streets, I am reminded of what a city truly is.

That San Francisco is small, sterile, soulless.

I’m so glad I left.

I’m reassured — from my friends, from this place — that we’re doing the right thing.

That our path is not traditional, that there will be bumps, that we will get to where we need and want to go.

That the little house is but one piece of a bigger puzzle, of a larger plan.

That we just need to take one step at a time.

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