I bought a coloring book of art nouveau posters. Yesterday, I started working on my first one, coloring in my house, and later at a cafe in Healdsburg. It’s a bit like washing the dishes and taking a shower: thoughts flood my head and I have no way of writing them down. I love that sensation of flushing my head out, clearing the cobwebs.

Mind exercise.

While we were on our road trip, we talked about the weight we’ve both gained and how much we wanted to start exercising again. When we lived with my parents for the year-and-a-half we were waiting for our tiny house construction to begin, we joined a boxing gym, which offered some intense cardio workouts mixed with rounds of bag punching. There were about four or five solid months where I went three or four times a week — and felt really good. But we also lived in a Filipino household, with two Filipino fridges, which meant that there was always food around, and not necessarily the food we’d normally eat.

And so, you know how that goes.

Then we moved, which not only ended that exercise routine entirely, but because we initially didn’t have a fridge in our tiny house — and also were trying to settle into a new rhythm — we ended up eating out a lot. And drinking a lot of beer, as one does when there are so many tasty local options.

So when we returned from Utah and Arizona, we joined a gym. We joined only a week-and-a-half ago, and after seven classes, I feel better. We’ve been waking up at 5 am to make a 6 am class, and by 7:30, I’ve exercised, showered, had a cup of coffee, and have free time in the morning before I even start my work day. For someone that has often gotten out of bed and gone straight to my laptop screen in the morning, this is a healthy and welcome change.

What I love about this new gym is the variety: a solid bootcamp, light weight lifting, TRX exercises in which you use your own body weight, and the overall space that allows me to go at my own pace and pay attention to my form. I’m sore in a few spots in my upper arms and in my butt that I’ve never felt, and it’s crazy (and sad) to realize I’ve not physically engaged specific parts of my body before.


3 thoughts on “Exercise”

  1. Always always always feel better when I’m getting regular exercise. Routine goes out the window when we’re travelling but we try to do something. Recently we’ve started using hiking poles and really notice the difference.
    Great balance in your life – exercise and colouring.

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  2. Ah, interesting about the hiking poles! I used a stick for the first time while in Utah — hiking the Narrows — and then a pole while in Arizona. I was amazed at how much they helped, especially wading through water amongst rocks. I also noticed a more active, consistent pace in general. Good tip.


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