I’m in England for one final week. We’ll have been away for a month total, which isn’t long, but it’s long enough to disrupt the routine set at home. Which is also fine, but it sucks when you’ve worked really hard to establish a five-day-a-week 6am workout schedule.

Before we left, I signed up for a Beachbody on Demand account, which one of my gym teachers recommended. I’ve been streaming videos and exercising when I can — somewhat awkwardly in small bedrooms — throughout our trip. Paris was a bust, though — trying to exercise and eat well there was impossible.

Early on our trip, I focused on intense cardio and ab routines, but this week, I’ve been doing a 40-minute PiYo workout, and I love it. And it surprises me, because beyond the combination of pilates and yoga, I actually had no idea what PiYo was, and didn’t think to try a class at our gym, and now I’ve looked forward to doing it each day. My body responds to it. It feels good, despite being really challenging at times.

It’s a nice feeling — to crave exercise again. After a string of post-marathon injuries in my mid-twenties, that desire to physically push my body disappeared, and I stopped running long distances. Eventually, I stopped running, period. I was never a traditionally athletic person, so running was all I had.

I’m happy to have found a new outlet.

9 thoughts on “Exercise”

  1. Working out while traveling is so difficult ~ I fail at it most of the time, but when grounded in one place I’m quite good at getting in good workouts. As a guy, nothing quite feels like a good, physical workout – whether at the gym or playing ball…but I tried yoga a while ago and my body seems to thank me after every yoga session. Not quite sure what pilates is, but maybe someday after I perfect my yoga ~ which has quite a ways to go still 🙂
    Wish you a great ’16 ~ continued success with writing & also evolving with your Tiny House project. Cheers!


  2. I’m always amazed at how easy it is, when I travel (or, okay, when I take a week off to sit around eating cheese and drinking wine in the name of Christmas), to slip out of a routine that seems so established and essential at home. Glad you found something to fill that exercise space. Hope it was a good trip! Next time we’re in the same country we should have a beer if we can.

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      1. Oh man, I know that feeling – whenever we visit CA it always feels like we’re rushing around trying to fit everything in, even though they’re such relatively long visits. Happy new year to you guys too!


  3. I vaguely remember exercise as something from my dim and distant past. You’re setting a much better example to the world than I am, I think. It’s great that you have found something you enjoy doing that keeps you fit and healthy. Incidentally, I think I may once have had pilates, but I bought a cushion and I’m okay now.

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