Just me

Nick is away for work.

It’s great to have the tiny house to myself, as it’s actually a nice size for one person.

I can work out each day, on my own schedule.

I can watch stuff that I probably wouldn’t if he was around, like the People vs. O.J. Simpson.

I can carry on with my sub-par eating habits, like cooking the same old pasta with vodka sauce or preparing a really boring salad.

I can sleep really early and be in bed before 9 pm.

And then I can wake up without an alarm, and have my quiet coffee and internet time.

All of this is lovely. I appreciate solitude very much and regularly need my time alone, even when he is here.

But this weekend — sipping cider at a bar in town on my own, and exploring tide pools at the beach surrounded by families — I felt what it would be like without him.

And now, I can’t wait for him to come home.

8 thoughts on “Just me”

  1. Perhaps the most underrated feeling in the world is the one created by “alone time” ~ and what makes this feeling so great, is that it leads to perhaps the second most underrated feeling when you return to the world and get to “reconnect” with everyone once again. Wishing you a great week and a great Year of the Monkey ahead Cheri 🙂 Take care…


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