Things I like (right now)

In no particular order:

  1. PiYo, P90X, TRX (or simply, working out)
  2. My winter boots
  3. Rumi, the cat next door
  4. Our AeroPress
  5. Searching homes for sale
  6. Chardonnay
  7. Chocolate, peanut butter, banana smoothies
  8. Airbnb
  9. Soundcloud
  10. Sebastopol

5 thoughts on “Things I like (right now)”

    1. 1. PiYo and P90X are workout programs (the first a mix of pilates/yoga, the latter a mix of cardio/free weights/core), which I take at my gym.
      4. We started making coffee with an AeroPress, which is this plastic plunger-like thing that surprisingly makes a decent cup of coffee (I like the taste better than coffee from a French press, at least). Since we don’t have much space in the kitchen, it’s a handy thing to have.
      8. I really do love Airbnb — both its website and app. It just makes me want to book trips.


      1. Ah, thanks, I think.

        “Plunger thing”? I’m not trying to be dim, but how is that any different to an ordinary coffee maker, where you brew the coffee in a jug and then press down the plunger?


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