Big thoughts on a tiny screen

It took me days to collect fragments and half-thoughts for a recent blog post. Stringing words together was, as usual, incredibly difficult. I usually promote new blog posts on Instagram, and when I typed up a caption about the post and how I’d had a hard time expressing my thoughts last week, those 206 words came so much easier there.

I think the tiny caption field on Instagram makes the process of writing less intimidating. I type deep thoughts on that small screen without any pressure, while here — on my laptop screen and WordPress editor — it often feels like my thoughts must be worthy of this big blank page.

5 thoughts on “Big thoughts on a tiny screen”

  1. I think Instagram is a great medium for sharing snippets of thought, whether related to the photo or simply using it as a kind of ‘header image’ for your mini post. I don’t know why it feels like there is less pressure, but I do see it. Perhaps because longer stuff just doesn’t work, so you don’t feel like you are shortchanging anyone (yourself included) by going small?


  2. It’s the same for me. After I publish a post it seems the best thoughts come out in replying to comments. (Why couldn’t I have thought of that when I was writing the post?) Somehow in the comments I feel more free to roam.

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  3. Yeah, I love that description. There seems to be something that encourages intimacy/sharing on Instagram. Perhaps because people are sharing personal parts of themselves (babies, pets, what they ate, where they are…) Maybe another part of it is the simplicity? Like, there’s not really anything to get in the way.

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