Where’s my center?

I turn 36 next month.

As I was looking at my calendar, I thought about planning a little something. Nothing big, as I hate big. I’ve had parties and dinners to celebrate me throughout the years — from huge gatherings where acquaintances and strangers were invited to intimate dinners with only close friends — but over the past few years, I’ve preferred not to make a fuss over my birthday. I thought this year, getting dinner or drinks with a handful of people in San Francisco might be nice.

But when I tried to think of who to invite, I realized I only have one or two friends in San Francisco I could ask. Both know and are friendly with one another, but aren’t from the same circle. In fact, the various circles I was once part of have broken or dispersed or evolved into their own circles. Somewhere along the way, I was left behind — or, perhaps I chose to go my own way, or didn’t try hard enough to keep in touch.

I’m feeling it now.

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