Tiny housewarming

If we had a tiny housewarming party, these are the remaining items we’d put on our list:

  • A step stool that is high enough for me (5’2″) to comfortably reach the boxes in our storage loft, but small enough to put away (eg, foldable). (In an ideal world, it’s not totally ugly, but most of the step stools I’ve seen aren’t going to win design awards.)
  • A pair of outdoor chairs: comfortable to sit and work with our laptops for a few hours during the day, but also lounge-y enough to read or just gaze out at the view.
  • A side table of sorts that doubles as a bit more storage for miscellaneous daily-use items (car keys, sunglasses, wallets, etc.), which can fit in the front corner next to our front door. (Bonus points if it has wheels.)
  • A mattress, as I’ve got bruises on my sides from sleeping on our loft’s wooden floor this week. New mattress, I am ready for you. (Luckily, our two twin XLs are coming today.)
  • Solar outdoor lights: at night, it’s quite dark but not impossible to see, and I actually hate flashlights and prefer my eyes to naturally adjust to the dark. A few mini solar lights along the plot might be nice, though I’m still debating whether they’re necessary.

I’m sure there are a few more things, but those are the main wishlist items.

Where’s my center?

I turn 36 next month.

As I was looking at my calendar, I thought about planning a little something. Nothing big, as I hate big. I’ve had parties and dinners to celebrate me throughout the years — from huge gatherings where acquaintances and strangers were invited to intimate dinners with only close friends — but over the past few years, I’ve preferred not to make a fuss over my birthday. I thought this year, getting dinner or drinks with a handful of people in San Francisco might be nice.

But when I tried to think of who to invite, I realized I only have one or two friends in San Francisco I could ask. Both know and are friendly with one another, but aren’t from the same circle. In fact, the various circles I was once part of have broken or dispersed or evolved into their own circles. Somewhere along the way, I was left behind — or, perhaps I chose to go my own way, or didn’t try hard enough to keep in touch.

I’m feeling it now.

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