The cursor

The cursor is many things:
a megaphone,
a friend who listens,
that space deep inside you.

It meets the blank page:
where you ignite,
and change,
and feel your power.

A tool to share your joy:
your highs displayed for all to see,
your lows swept off the screen.

Through it your selves appear:
the enlightened,
the wistful,
the proud,
the vain.

Such a slender thing
through which we are born
over and over again.

Spaces, currently

Facebook: a graveyard, for a long time now

Twitter: a dormant volcano

Instagram: a playground, visited daily

WordPress: a sanctuary, a treasure chest


My Instagram account comes alive when I travel, and I must admit I enjoy it so much. It’s so easy to share photographs, and the stream helps to shape the long and involved WordPress post that will eventually come. And I love this process: using the app for the quick and ephemeral, and then later creating and curating something more thoughtful and fit for my archive and online home. I’ve been thinking a lot about how my “blogging” habits have evolved and posting has slowed considerably, especially given that I work for, but it also makes sense to me to treat my website in this careful way — to create something that’s meaningful, that lasts.